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Why Buy a Long Term Care From AAdvantage Financial Services?

You get value added for no additional cost: 

  1. You get valuable suggestions from Eddie Levin and who is very experienced in this business.  Eddie is a 30 year member of the Million Dollar Round Table. Eddie is qualified having his CLU, ChFC, and MBA Degrees. 
  1. AFS represents you, not just one insurance company. In other words, you come first with AFS, giving you the advantage. AFS will offer you products from several great insurance companies, John Hancock, Metropolitan, AIG, and many others.
  1. AFS suggests you secure Long Term Care Insurance at the earliest possible age. We suggest you do not wait until any specific age.


    1. If you get coverage immediately, you are covered right away and do not risk years of NO coverage by waiting until an older age.
    2. You get a lower cost structure by buying at your youngest age.
    3. You get a lower cost structure by buying at your best health. If you wait, your health could possibly not be as favorable and you would be in a higher risk category (higher cost) or possibly not be able to get coverage at all..
  1. AFS will help you buy Long Term Care at the optimal price considering your specific circumstances. You will probably  be able to secure coverage at a price suitable to you, not a price dictated by an insurance agent or an insurance company. AFS will be your advocate for the best plan at the best price.