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Long Term Care Insurance Quote Process

Process to Get an Exact Quote For LTC insurance from AAdvantage Financial Services

  1. Send your application to one or more insurance companies (there is no obligation or commitment by you or the insurance company. You ARE NOT insured until you have met all of the requirements of the insurance company and you have put your policy in force.
  1. Take a  physical exam if required (insurance company pays for this; usually this exam is required for life insurance but usually not for long term care). Fast 12 HOURS  before all lab work, blood draw and urinalysis)
  1. Insurance companies will call you to ask questions to confirm all information. They may give you a cognitive evaluation over the telephone or request a personal meeting to do the same evaluation .
  1. If you are approved, the insurance company will issue a policy and assign you a risk classification which will determine your exact rates for various options (both different types of policies and various optional riders). If you are not approved by the first company, I will encourage you to allow me to send your application to another company(s). As a team, you and I will seek the best plan for you.
  1. I will call you for an appointment  to go over the options and  see the rates from the insurance company.
  1. You may then decide after you have reviewed the options and the rates if you want the insurance policy, which options you prefer, and how much coverage(ie, amount of daily benefits, or face amount of life insurance) you want.
  1. Any deposit made up to this point is fully refundable. You may now pay the first premium due and put your new policy in force.
  1. Please bear with me and be very patient. You will be asked personal questions and the process may take several months since it is dependent upon many factors including your doctor sending your medical records on a timely basis to the insurance company(s).

Thank you for allowing me to help you with this insurance program.